Authorized TIAA-CREF Advisor

TIAA-CREF recognizes the value added by independent advisors helping individual participants make appropriate retirement plan decisions. Atlas acts as a fiduciary on behalf of clients using our proprietary research expertise to evaluate investment choices, make appropriate portfolio selections and provide holistic retirement/estate planning services.


Risk Management

Risk to achieving your financial objectives can take many forms and may not be limited to Atlas managed portfolios. Our partners have extensive experience managing risk for individuals and institutions. We offer tax efficient solutions to reduce benchmark, asset/liability, market, interest rate and currency risks. Please contact us!

Investment Management

We provide equity, fixed income, balanced, futures and currency management through customized separate accounts. We can be turn key service providers through our various investment strategies or comprehensive capital managers using our proprietary asset allocation models.

Asset Allocation

The Atlas asset allocation approach is based on techniques developed by some of the country’s largest and most sophisticated institutional investors.  Atlas uses this experience, academic research and continuing proprietary research to create a dynamic, market aware, diversified asset allocation approach.

Financial Planning

Any sound individual financial strategy requires client discussion before developing an implementation plan. Together, we create your unique Investment Policy Statement after a full understanding of your risk tolerances, investment objectives, aggregate wealth and income, as well as current risks to your goals.